A person makes a last Will and testament to provide for the administration and distribution of his assets among his Beneficiaries upon his death. It is advisable to engage a lawyer to draft your last Will and testament to ensure compliance with the Wills Act and Wills law.

Cost: S$180 (NETT fixed price)

Fixed price irrespective of complexity, number of properties you have, the value of your assets and whether you want waterfall clauses, trust arrangements, guardianship arrangements etc and there are NO CONSULTATION OR HIDDEN CHARGES.


  1. Please send a message via SMS / Whatsapp to 81020328 to inform us that you would like to do a last Will and Testament and include (a) your name; and (b) your preferred date AND time (e.g. Wills, John Tan, 24 July 1.15 p.m.). You will receive a confirmation reply if you follow the above format with your name, date and time. Do NOT walk in.

    Opening hours: Monday’s to Saturday’s 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    Ben is overseas until 26 February 2018. Please book on 27 February or later.

    If you have any questions about Wills, please click here or visit www.willslawyersingapore.com

  2. We will email you a list of issues to think about and information to gather prior to the appointment.

  3. Come to our office at 5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex Singapore 199588 (Lavender or Nicholl Highway MRT) and bring along your NRIC only. Tell our lawyer what you want in the Will.

  4. The Will will be ready in 20 - 45 minutes. Check the Will to make sure it is correct.

  5. Sign the will in front of our lawyer and his other witness.

  6. Pay S$180 in cash.

  7. Take home two original copies of the Will and inform your executor and/or family where it is kept in case something happens to you.

  8. OPTIONAL - register the Will with the Registry of Wills. Registration is NOT necessary for validity of the Will. Its just a record at the Wills Registry that (i) you made a Will on a certain date; (ii) with the name of the law firm; and (iii) where the Will is kept. NO COPY OF THE WILL IS KEPT AT THE WILLS REGISTRY

  9. Vexus Wills clients who wish to amend their Wills in the future only need to pay $50.

  10. After you die, the Executor named in your Will has to bring the Will to a lawyer to obtain a court order known as Grant of Probate. Your Executor is free to choose any lawyer he wishes to engage to obtain the Grant of Probate. However, the probate fees for Wills drafted by Vexus Law is at a special fixed price of S$1,200 nett INCLUDING ALL disbursements and court filing fees.